I appreciate the timely communication most of all and all of your team seem pretty switched on! I was very pleased, in particular, with the dialogue between the tenant, you guys and me, (and the police), concerning the dodgy visitors to next door and the resultant security door was a good result for all. You seem to strike a nice balance between the needs of the tenant and the owner, which is the desired goal. Well done, you lot!"


Trustworthy - Living in another state makes it hard to monitor our properties but your professionalism and expertise in the industry makes the job for us so much easier and hassle free, you are very helpful, provide great customer service and are a pleasure to deal with."


By far, you are the best agent I've had contact with in Australia. I just moved here from America last month so I'm not used to the way the agents (other than you) in this area operate. With others here, there's very much a feeling that they don't really care or can't be bothered? You are not that way so you are a breath of fresh air!"




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